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What It Means: The ocular orbital muscles are right around your eyes

What It Means: The ocular orbital muscles are right around your eyes

When people are suspicious, don’t believe in something said, or think something is untrue, their eyes may squint, with the ocular orbital muscles tightening.

Or, it can be that someone is simply processing information or trying to make sense of something 3 . Squinting can be age gap dating services super brief and last for about ? second. So if you meet someone, and they immediately squint their eyes, they might harbor negative feelings toward you. Or if someone reads a business contract and squints, it could mean that they dislike or struggle somehow with the wording of the contract.

Squinting is also the best cue to look for to prevent a fight because squinting slightly with lowered eyelids is a sign of subdued anger (i.e., anger before the eruption!). When suspicion or dislike is addressed early, you can calm the other person down.

De-escalation: If you say something and see the other person narrow their eyes at you, go right into clarification and explanation mode. Figure out exactly what they are hung up on and how to address it.

Averting gaze

Do you notice someone breaking eye contact more and more? Breaking eye contact more often and longer can mean that someone desires to leave the conversation 4 .

Be aware of some gestures that signal a weakness. For example, these clusters can be deadly in a street encounter:

  • averting the gaze
  • hunching of the shoulders
  • pulling arms close to the body
  • pressing knees together
  • dropping chin to the throat

It’s generally not a good idea to look down when giving a speech, either. Witnesses who testified while looking slightly downward rather than directly at the questioner were judged less credible, and the defendant whom they were trying to protect was more likely to be judged guilty 4 .

Science also shows that dominant people have more freedom in eye gaze and can look wherever they want.Read More