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Our PlanetRomeo Review a social network for gay, bi and trans men

Our PlanetRomeo Review a social network for gay, bi and trans men

Started in 2002 by Jens Schmidt and Manuel Abraham as a friendly online community hub for gay singles. PlanetRomeo was initially called GayRomeo’ and only available in Germany. What started out as a hobby soon evolved into a gay platform for gay, bisexual and transgender men looking for everything from horny hook-ups and casual dating to long-term love.

Now popular not just in Germany but in Europe and Asia too, PlanetRomeo continues to grow its diverse dating community of Romeos’ in 2019.

From specific sexual preferences to those who just want a casual encounter, this dating network makes it quick to match with the most suitable men. In addition to detailed profiles and unlimited free messaging, Club and Guide profiles mean it’s simple to connect with gay guys who share similar interests.

Used by millions of men globally, what is it that sets PlanetRomeo aside as the number one gay social network? We break down what the platform is all about with our extensive PlanetRomeo review.

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Our Summary

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Our review found the site to be very user-friendly, with good additional features for the paid-for service. Security is excellent, putting the user in charge of the process and ensuring that personal data is well protected. The paid-for service is also one of the most affordable on the market, making it accessible to everyone.

It’s hardly surprising it’s so popular, considering it’s free to download, register your account, and message people. Being able to easily communicate with other members when you sign up for free is a bonus, but you’ll have to explore both the PlanetRomeo classic version and PlanetRomeo app with annoying ads appearing.Read More